Quicklime Slaking Systems
Quicklime slaking systems for neutralization and pH control.

Chemco Quicklime Slaking System is used to provide storage, dry feed, slaking of quicklime, and the delivery of the resultant hydrated lime slurry to the process point.  All components of the system are typically contained within the silo eliminating the need for a building to house the equipment.


These systems normally include:

  • Storage Silo (factory assembled) – Sizes range from 8’-0” up to 15’-0” in diameter.  Shipping regulations and obstacles determine the limit of the overall width, height and weight of shipments.  Factory assembled systems can be shipped in one piece or in sections depending on the silo height.
  • Storage Silo (field welded) - Sizes range from 16'-0'' to 36'-0'' in diameter.  Partially assembled parts, rolled plate and steel structure are shipped to the construction site on standard flat bed trailers.
  • Pneumatic Silo-fill pipe and NEMA 4X operator station.  Optionally, Chemco can design systems to interface with the customers loading system.
  • Dry product level monitoring devices.  Continuous level and/or point level indication are available.
  • Roof-mounted dust collector (bin vent).
  • Bin activator or vibrators.
  • Volumetric screw feeder with inverter-duty drive motor and variable frequency drive.
  • Integral or stand-alone slurry storage tank complete with all level monitoring devices, agitator and required nozzles.  Designed and fabricated in accordance with AWWA or API standards.
  • Feed pumps as specified.
  • All piping, valves and instrumentation.
  • Local system control panel complete with programmable logic controller (PLC) including pre-programmed system logic. All systems are factory tested to the greatest possible extent before leaving the factory.  Alternately, Chemco will provide I/O interface points and control logic diagram to interface with customer supplied DCS.
  • Silo systems are provided with ventilation fans, heaters and lighting.  Silo skirted interior is insulated.

Chemco can provide skilled field engineers and technicians for startup service and operator training. 


Standard warranty period runs 12 months after system startup, not to exceed18 months from shipment.  Extended warranty can be negotiated before the award of a contract.  Standard warranty is limited to the supply of parts only.  Contact a Chemco representative for additional information.


As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), all spare parts can be purchased directly from Chemco for any piece of equipment provided within the system.





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