Batch Slaker

Chemco batch slakers produce quality hydrated lime from commercial grade quicklime.  Batch slakers were developed for customers who need a relatively small quantity of hydrated lime slurry each day and, for cost reasons, they want to use quicklime.  Batch slakers are inherently cleaner and require less daily cleaning and maintenance.

Batch Slaker Process

The operator enters the size of batch he needs on the touch pad and starts the batch cycle.  The correct amount of lime and water is mixed in the slaker until the desired slaking set point temperature is achieved.  Once the set point temperature is reached, an operated valve at the bottom of slaker tank is opened and the lime slurry is dumped into the lime slurry storage tank.


Once the slaker is empty, the drain valve closes and water is added tangentially at several points around the slaking tank cleaning the tank.  This water is used to make the next batch.


Depending on the type of quicklime used, pebble or pulverized, a grit separation device can be supplied.  Typical batch cycle time is 15 minutes.

Special Features of Chemco Batch Slakers
  • Employs Checmo's temperature control logic
  • Self-cleaning tank interior after each batch
  • Over temperature alarm and cooling system
  • Constructed of carbon or stainless steel
  • Optional grit removal equipment available
  • Available sizes from 1,000 PPH to 3,000 PPH



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