Ball Mill Slaker

Chemco supplied vertical ball mill slakers (The Union Process CLS Attritor) produce quality hydrated lime from commercial grade quicklime.
Slakers are used to convert Calcium Oxide to Calcium Hydroxide for use in neutralization and pH control.  Grinding action of the media eliminates the need for grit disposal.

Typical Ball Mill Slaking Process

Quicklime and water are fed to the slaker at a proper ratio through a wetting cone and into the mill.  Hydration process takes place under vigorous agitation and inert material are ground by the bed of steel media.  Hydration process is an exothermic reaction; therefore, a great deal of heat is released during the hydration process.


The resultant hydrated lime exits the grinding chamber into a separation tank.  There heavier, larger partials settle while finer suspended particles discharge.  Larger particles are pumped from the separation tank bottom back into the mill to pass through the bed of grinding media.


Special Features of Chemco Ball Mill Slakers
  • Modulating water fed to maintain constant slaking temperature
  • Non-contact flow meter on slaking water feed line to compensate for pressure changes in water supply
  • Slurry consistency control to prevent slurry getting too thick
  • Over temperature alarm and cooling system
  • Optional rubber lined interior
  • Drive mechanism pivots 90 degrees to allow easy access for shaft removal
  • Compact size of mill reduces cost of foundations and required floor area and height for installation
  • Consumes 40% less power than comparable size horizontal ball mills
  • Minimum retention time of 10 minutes at 100% feed rate
  • Available sizes from 5,500 PPH to 27,000 PPH


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